Final Fantasy Explorer
(Image: Wikipedia)

The game has additional features of creating their own fantasy hairstyles, a new ways to the magical crystal. The main mission is of gathering mysterious and hidden powers to wipe it later. Final Fantasy Explorer allow us to gather information from different areas; player has to slaughter target number of animals which will further help in crafting new weapons.

The game is strongly recommended for having a strong focus and creative skill to overcome the technical situation. The game is more about using defensive techniques, after having some abilities you will start building a new thing” resonance”, leading to additional perks in incentives. The game on later stage also allows the user to change the job for variety. Solo players in the game have an addition of monster that will give additional navigational skills to the player. During game, player has to keep a strong eye on his moves, which should be bright. Monster in this game has to build up its personality full on cooking, crafting abilities.

Capcom and Nintendo had used no graphic powerhouse, while on another hand Square Enix has to put some cash in its 3DS version. It seems that FF explorer is not to be up to that level as its fans are expecting it would be. FF has two loose ends; one is related with its basilisk, and other is that this game works best as the co-op. Due to these reasons, players should go for monster hunter four instead of this hybrid combo that is twisted around itself. FF is not about technology but is too much repetitive and mix scenes that one can get easily frustrated by playing it, better to go for RPG.


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