fifa 17 release date
(Credits: Youtube)

FIFA 17, while being a sports-based video game, is no joke when it comes to execution. Realistic graphics has to of eye-goggling standard for players. On the other hand, sports fans want the gameplay to be perfect. So much so that they can be Ronaldo and dodge everybody on the field just by their fingers.

Not a Ronaldo fan? Then, of course, Messi is available. Ranked one of the highest players in the Premier League. With the on-time rating synchronization of real players, it’s going to be an epic FIFA 17. Character skill development is essential for engaging video gamers who feel rewarded for their improvement.

FIFA 17 also dropped a massive bombshell by bringing back the infamous indoor mode. This unique mode was in the original FIFA. That’s right. And ever since, playing with few players, inside room was just a pipe dream. Not only that, but a FIFA 17 web app is said to launch the game itself.

Although a tentative launch date hasn’t been set for FIFA 17, EA Sports does, however, claims that they would enlighten us a week before the formal release. Same goes for the web app, so the players start to scout and prep their teams.

If you are late to the party, don’t worry, you can still get on the hype train till Sept 29. Furthermore, you can get a 10-hour trial through EA subscription, starting Sept 22.


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