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Uber is reported to be giving away free copies of FIFA 17 for the customer who lives in London or Manchester. According to a report by Digital Spy, the offer slash promo occurred on September 27, between the hours of 11am and 2pm. It seems that Uber has given away free copies of FIFA 17 on Xbox One. Note that the game copies are legit and absolutely free. With that being said, of course, the demand was high as nearly everyone with a gaming console wanted in on the free FIFA 17.

Moreover, FIFA 17 is not the only game that Uber is giving away for free, a lucky customer can also win games made by EA Sports, namely Madden NFL 17 or NHL 17 both for Xbox One. That being said, the demand is high for this promo thus they can only be availed via a first come first serve basis.

According to another report by Dexerto, the offer slash promo is not just available in London and Manchester anymore, it has now expanded to more than 35 cities worldwide, this basically increases everyone’s chance of getting a free game from Uber.

Of course getting a game for free is already a huge win, but there is more, those who win stand a chance of getting a game that has not yet been released, isn’t that exciting. All one has to do in order to win a game is simple, you don’t even need to ride an actual Uber, you just need to tap the button once it appears on the app and you get your free game.

The aforementioned cities that will be benefiting from this promo are as follows: Amsterdam, Berlin, Bogota, Boston, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Chicago, Colombus, Copenhagen, Dallas, Denver, Geneva, Guadalajara, Helsinki, Houston, and Johannesburg. Also included in the list are the cities of London, Los Angeles, Lyon, Madrid, Machester, Marseille, Mexico, Miami and. Monterrey. Lastly, it also includes those of Munich, New York, Oslo, Paris, Philadelphia, Portland, Riyadh, Seattle, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Vienna, and Washinton DC.


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