FIFA 17 Cheats
(Image: IGN)

There are happy fans everywhere! Why? Because FIFA 17 just came out and are already grinding to build the ultimate team! Nearly everyone who is not playing FIFA 17 knows that the best game mode to pour all your time in is FIFA Ultimate Team. This mode lets you put together your very own team consisting of iconic football players and then you get to battle it out with another player’s team online!

First off, the players you get to add to your team’s roster will be represented by digital trading cards, to get these goodies, you will need to get your hands on some booster packs or buy them from on the secondary market using cold hard cash. Games Radar has put together a guide on how to get the ultimate legendary team in FIFA 17 and how much money you will need to dish out to make it happen.

To start, the conversion rate of real money to digital coins is around £0.00015219047 per coin. You can get these by winning matches, selling cards you don’t want or buying coins, which also cost less than a US cent. The whole ultimate legendary team will cost you approximately $629.58. This is primarily because cards like Cristiano Ronaldo are worth huge amounts of many if you will go any grab one from the secondary market.

The most expensive cards in FIFA 17 that you will be needing to destroy other teams with your ultimate legendary team are as follows. Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo ($244.87), Lionel Messi ($177.05), and Luis Suarez ($103.22) both from Barcelona. The other Spanish players with good stats are not as expensive as those mentioned above. So get to grinding coins to build that dream team!



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