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After the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone so many customers reported that smartphones have a serious issue of exploding batteries. Batteries of new smartphones by Samsung are burning, and this situation is very common almost with all the smartphones which company has sold in Galaxy Note 7 smartphone series. So after getting a large number of reports and Complaints Company has now decided to replace all the burned batteries with new free batteries. There were 35 recent complaints about the phone batteries that they could not bear the heat and exploded.

But according to criticizers only recall of batteries is not good because Galaxy Note 7 smartphone sale has not been stopped by the Samsung. If there is any problem with the phone Galaxy Note 7 smartphone sale should have stopped immediately until they resolve this issue.

Customers and reporters submitted their complaints to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and demanded them to step into the matter and stop the sale immediately and resolve the issue according to the court decision.

So after stepping into the issue, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced their statement through a mail statement that they have formally contacted the company to discuss the matter and to decide whether to stop the sale or not in addition to this it should also be decided whether to halt the sale or continue. It also matters to agreed that if only phone exchange is enough or not. Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics America, gave his comment saying.

“We are asking users to power down their Galaxy Note 7s and exchange them now”

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