The biggest blockbuster hit on its way; Fate of the furious!

Fate of the furious is all set to hit multiplexes this Friday!

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A scene from the Fate of the Furious.

Fate of the Furious; 8th from the franchise of the fast and furious is all set to make a comeback this year with big names like Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson.

Opening with high expectations from the fans we are thrilled to see how fate of furious turns out this Friday, analysts are rooting that it would be the biggest blockbuster of this year even beating Beauty and the Beast and Boss Baby.

Adventure-action thrilling blockbusters at first look but emotional soap opera at heart; fate of the furious is the latest sequel in the fast and furious series.

The fast series opened 16 years back and since then the franchise has grown from a story-line based on racing and stunts in LA to a high budgeted spy series filmed throughout the globe.

The Rock and Vin Diesel posing for a picture at a press release for Fate of the Furious.

It has grown as mystically as you see wine age gloriously throughout the years. The fan following that it has gained over the course of past 16 years is jaw dropping.

Now with an emotional element attached to it since Paul Walker’s death the franchise has a stronger story-line and better direction.

The film is becoming more of a spicy spy adventure competing with its now counterpart the Bond series.

It is not only a movie but in fact it has evolved in to a genuine artistic phenomenon, embellished with scintillating stunts, jaw dropping plot twists,  heart wrenching drama and ravishing style but is still raw at heart.

The new director F. Gary Gray has definitely shaped this thrill ride into a blockbuster with a concrete story-line and from the acting department they have stunning actors like Charlize Theron, Jason Statham and Scott Eastwood on board which instill novel and vibrant dynamics to the emotional hoola-loop

A celebration of the mature action adventure or a gauche directorial attempt, what does describe fate and furious accurately?

World Premiere of Fate of the furious starring Vin diesel, Jason Stathom, The Rock and Charlize Theron.

The fans have yet to see and decide for themselves but for now we know that fate of the furious is certainly worth all our money.

Since Friday is still too far but for now we can have a taste of the jaw dropping, mind boggling, scintillating trailer of fast and furious 8; Fate of the furious.

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