No Tomorrow Season 1
(Credits : Youtube)

The episodes that are reportedly supposed to comprise the New Tv Serial No Tomorrow Season 1 have been named “Pilot”, “No Crying in Baseball” and “TBA”, according to the chronology of appearance. The plot centers on a woman (played by Tori Anderson), who engages herself with the charm of a guy. This guy (played by Joshua Sasse) gets her into making a list of things to do before the world comes to an apocalyptic end. He avers that the apocalypse is just eight months and twelve days away. The woman, then, with her friends try to discover the reality of the prophecy made by this guy.

Critics have deemed New Tv Serial No Tomorrow Season 1 one of the top ten picks for the most widely watched and popular new shows of the 2016-17. The commanding performances of Tori Anderson and Joshua Sasse have received a high applause. The plot revolves around the realm of the absurd; the concept can be said to be on the verge of the grotesque, accommodating surreal, strange characters. The comedy line penetrating every layer of the absurd drama is something of a rare device seen in one-hour shows on The CW.


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