Fans of Shawn Rhoden Beg The Olympia Management To Allow Him To Take Part In The Contest

Shawn Rhoden has already shocked the bodybuilding society, winning the 2018 Olympia contest after 7 years reign of Phil Heath. Rhoden managed to make unbelievable progress, jumping from his fifth place in 2017 to the king’s throne just a year after.

However, this year the reason to speak about Shawn is much less positive. Shawn is accused of assaulting and raping a woman. One of his colleagues reported Rhoden to the police for raping her. Shawn who was previously known as a devoted husband and loving family man was arrested a few weeks ago.

The case is still under investigation and the court will need lots of time to decide whether the sportsman is guilty or no. However, the management of the Olympia contest shared an official message, explaining that they decided to ban Rhoden from competing forever.

While there’s still a chance that Shawn is guiltless, such a message means that his career is officially ended. Now, Shawn is trying to protect himself and his reputation. He has already passed two lie detectors and shared a post, asking his fans to believe that he was not guilty. However, this could not make his situation better and he keeps losing his partners, sponsors, and money.

Many people keep blaming Shawn and support the decision of the Olympia managers who do not want the competition to be associated with the name of the potential rapist. However, there are also people who think it’s not correct to punish Rhoden in such a way before he’s proven guilty.

Today there are more than 12 000 fans of the sportsman who signed a petition, asking the Olympia management to allow Shawn to compete this year. The number is still growing and it can become significant.

Such a situation is sensational and new to the world of bodybuilding. It’s uneasy to predict how it can end, however, there is a chance to see Shawn at the Olympia stage this year.

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Thank you for your continuing support . #WalkWithMe

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