Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Fans of Dorian Yates Posted a New Video to Show the Champion’s Progress

Dorian Yates is definitely one of the most interesting characters in bodybuilding. Yates is a real legend of the sport and an inspiration for many. While Yates is out of competitions for many years, he is still an idol for generations of young bodybuilders.

However, even if you are not one of his fans, you may still be interested in a part of his biography. In fact, Dorian is a great example for anyone who plans to build a successful career in the sport.

Starting as a complete newbie and going a long way on his own, Yates can teach us many things. His strong will is surely one of the most impressive features of Yates. However, we still can learn from his training experience and those ideas he cultivated for his sports routine.

Fans of the great six-times champion collected some of his popular and rare videos and photos to create a very special story about the way of Dorian Yates. The video has never been posted before and that’s why caused great interest from both sports experts and fans of Dorian.

It’s very exciting to watch how the body of a great bodybuilder was changing. Rare old photos of Yates are also fascinating and show how hard his training used to be during the years of competing.

The sportsman shared the post on his Instagram account, attracting more interest to the creators of the very special and informative motivation video. His followers loved it, asking to share more from Dorian’s old photos and memories.

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