Fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger Created a Funny ABC Lesson With Their Favorite Sportsman’s Images

Arnold Schwarzenegger is more than a great bodybuilder, he’s an icon of the sport, a talented actor, a politician, and a social activist. It’s hard to imagine that one man has so many talents and skills. However, we have a living example that proves that it’s possible.

Fans of the sportsman offered to go even further, creating an educative ABC lesson that is based on episodes from Schwarzenegger’s films.

The star sportsman and great Hollywood celebrity has participated in so many films that you can easily find several episodes for each letter of the English alphabet. That was exactly what one of Schwarzenegger’s fans did.

The video is a collection of some short extracts from Arnold’s films including his earliest roles and some of the recent movies. Each extract gives an illustrative example of a word starting from a letter of the alphabet.

No doubts, the offered video lesson is a funny joke that will make you smile and entertain everybody. However, it’s also another proof of the great job that stands behind the image of the sport and movie star.

Many bodybuilding fans have already watched the video and tried to create some alternative versions. So, this can probably become a new trend on the internet.

The alphabet with Arnold Schwarzenegger from funny


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