After a long wait at last days gone by the trailer of Shah Rukh Khan leading Fan released. It has been presented even now to the two most leading central character of the film in its teaser which unconfined previous year. In other words we can say a double role in the movie.

In this movie Fan, Shah Rukh will be performing Bollywood megastar Aryan Khanna besides his biggest and crazy fan, Gaurav. The director chose for the character of Gaurav, a person who is almost near to 20 year of age.

This movie is presented in a dramatic style which is presented under the banner of Yash Raj Films directed by Maneesh Sharma, produced by Aditya Chopra and highlighting Shah Rukh Khan in the main role.

Actually story of fan is basically on Gaurav (Shah Rukh Khan) who is a young man, around 20, in his life the main thing which is important for him this is the mega movie star Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan) he considered Aryan Khanna as his “God.”

The movie Fan story remains almost clear of in what manner a fan turn out to be passionate with a celebrity. He starts to spectacle the fact which is not being visible in a situation that what is right and wrong as soon as his love and craving for the star proceeds a scary turn.  From the trailer we can clearly guess this point and familiarizes us to this side of Gaurav.

In this movie I t shows that from the by streets of Delhi, a young boy  Gaurav go on board on a journey to  a busiest and big city Mumbai, just to greet him  on his birthday occasion. He is the biggest fan of Aryan as he supposed to him his God and luckily by feature he has remarkable resemblance to him (Aryan Khanna).

In this movie moreover shoes once all the incidents is not going to his (Gaurav) favor then

At that time all the love and desire for his ‘God’ goes in to a risky obsession that crosses the limit.

The film is just like a suspense story; Fan will show clearly at the same time natures and characters of two different persons Gaurav and Aryan’s.

People will definitely think which side to pick and whom to choose over the other, the Fan or the Actor? After all, superstars are also just human but each single person is also a ‘Fan’. It seems Shah Rukh takes up something new and interesting this time.


In a this materialistic world of sticky tag, it’s simple to overlook in which way someone made, pop singers and sportsmen,  performer into stars, superstars and superstars. In fact it’s the fans who give any position to their loving celebrities. Every single fan has their specific individual association with their hero- we can say Movie Fan is a pure love story of a fan towards it favorite mega star.


  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • llena D’Cruz
  • Vaani Kapoor
  • June Smith
  • Lee Nicholas Harris


Release Date:

This movie will be released at 15 Apr 2016


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