(Credit: Fastcompany.com)

Facebook has been praised for its unique strategies since its inception and the steps taken by the company in every regard turns out to be footsteps for others. The latest buzz is that the social networking giant has been telling workers to abandon iOS devices and instead opt for Android. The experts at Facebook back this decision by putting forward a logical explanation in this regard. The company officials are of the opinion that this decision will undoubtedly help the staff in knowing as to how users in the newly emerging markets are experiencing the site. In addition, this move would also in a way, help employees understand the basic problems these users are facing and also the devised procedure of coping those up.

The key people at Facebook want a particular class of employees to switch to Android and want them to call it a day when it comes to iOS devices.

The iPhone in Western markets such as the US and UK is receiving a very hard competition from Android due to its lower price points and have made it an amazing success taking the largest part of the cake pie.

The insanely large number of Android devices usage has made Facebook officials to think that it has to designed and help designers to cope up with the Android turmoil.

Let us see how this strategy turns out to be effective when it comes to Facebook and its millions of users.


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