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Facebook has made our social life so planned and enjoyable through its wondrous apps that to a great extent, it seems like our life is incomplete without mesmerizing social networking site. All the daily life important events such as parties, functions, ceremonies have been so easy to schedule and manage according to Facebook. However, the new inclusion of Facebook adding an upgrade to its Events feature is seriously an amazing thing that has made Facebook the sole king when it comes to being the official, personalized party planner. However, you need to have iOS supported device for that and the astoundingly new Facebook’s Events browsing feature will help you in searching for events with complete accuracy.

The sensational feature has attracted as many as 450 million users who are enjoying this wonderful app and thus enjoying this wonderful app. Moreover, the best thing is that it has also allowed Facebook to corner the untapped events-matching market.

The coolest thing about this new app is that it enables you to mention as to when you will go out i.e. tonight, tomorrow, or next week. Moreover, Facebook would suggest an event based on your location and preferences.

Moreover, the wonderful thing is that there is also a category of pre-selected events that the app would produce based on all the information that it has about you and which would make things really elegant for you.

The new feature of Facebook is something that will also help you in purchasing tickets in the app and also create notifications and also events without committing to go.



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