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The buzz about Facebook is working on its own app store is undoubtedly a shocking news for all stakeholders and which clearly reveals that Facebook is no more a social networking site but instead a technological giant. We already are shocked by Facebook acquisition of Oculus VR and also Mark Zuckerburg intentions of having AI assistant for his home.

However, hinting at its own App store means Facebook has new designs of expanding even more. However, the reason for this move is that Facebook has come across a serious dispute with Google that may possibly get Facebook app being kicked out of Android app store. Seeking this as an opportunity, Facebook is reportedly working on its own App store and not only will it say pip pip to Apple and Android but also could possibly come out as close competitor to these two giants.

The move although is a precautionary measure though, still, is creating huge spree and we are expecting a newly amazing app store having wondrous applications and much more. Moreover, Facebook’s answer to Google is undoubtedly a more vivid one and we can say that the ultimate beneficiary of this dispute would be user who would obviously be having more choices when it comes to app store and applications. Although, the company has no immediate plans to say adios to Google, still, the dispute may result a more likely happening to this event.


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