Facebook Messenger's End-To-End Encryption
(Credits : Youtube)

The newest End-To-End Encryption security feature that Facebook has been working on for months has finally been released. Secret Conversations are now live and working for every user. After spending a few months undergoing trials to make sure that the End-To-End Encryption security feature is working as it should, Secret Conversations has finally gone live. It can be found in the Facebook Messenger app and it is available for every user. It is quite similar to WhatsApp, an Instant Messaging company that already has this feature implemented in its system.

Messenger’s End-To-End Encryption feature utilizes the Signal Protocol that was developed by Open Whisper Systems in order to get an End-To-End Encryption chat with a particular person. In order to initiate an End-To-End Encryption chat with a certain someone a secret conversation must be started and this can be done by pressing the person’s name in the regular chat conversation window.

The End-To-End Encryption is separated from other communication between two parties. It will only be accessible on the device that initiated the secret conversation and won’t reflect on other devices your account may be logged into. According to Facebook, it is important to assure the security of messages, and it claims that they aren’t able to access those messages either.

A Secret Conversation will not be able to share GIFS and videos, but pictures and stickers do work. There is also an integrated self-destruct timer that can range from five seconds to a day. This new Facebook feature is available for everyone who has already upgraded to the latest version of the application.


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