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Whenever we talk about virtual assistant, the very first name that comes to mind is Siri. Moreover, the discussion would also feel empty if we don’t mention Cortana and Google Now. Now with artificial assistant getting high acclaim and fervor, the social media king i.e., Facebook has decided to get on the train as well and has recently announced the launch of Facebook M, which is undoubtedly a bold step and would take the race of virtual assistance to more swiftness. This healthy race would be beneficial in the long run.

Facebook M is also a virtual assistant like Siri, Google Now and Cortana. It is also a reality that virtual assistant is not yet widespread, and most of the users opt to use Siri. Facebook has stepped with something extraordinary and by adding Facebook M that allows users to browse the already vast space. Facebook-M was announced a few months ago, a virtual assistant is still officially in the final version.

The coolest thing about Facebook M is that it revolves around the user in the Messenger and thus allowing them to perform tasks such as booking flights, paying for tickets, reservation of products and services directly to the chat bubbles. However, you should also be aware that Facebook-M does not support voice commands and which is its serious shortcoming. If included with voice control, Facebook M can prove to be a serious threat to major competitors such as Google, Apple and Microsoft. Facebook M is just a newbie and a lot is expected from them.

From users point of view, it is interesting to solve all your tasks with it by keeping in view that Facebook M is still at an early stage and therefore, a lot has not to be expected. Let’s say welcome to the new entrant!


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