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Now, Facebook has finally decided. The Dislike button come in Facebook messenger. The the famous Like button is not used in the normal chat, but It’ll come only in Messenger (TechCrunch). Users can reign there with so-called “Reactions”.

So far, the same emojis are available in the messenger, as in the normal chat – so everything from the like button to the heart to Sad Emoji. The Dislike button is now test-tested to some users, said a Facebook employee TechCrunch. If it is a good thing, the feature is introduced permanently.

Whether the “Dislike Button” button is also used in the Timeline remains open. Facebook is resisting so far: It does not want to load the network with too much “negativity”.

Users are demanding it, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg has so far opposed his introduction: the dislike button polarized. Now users can say soon “Dislike Button”, but probably only come in Messenger.

Dislike button soon in Facebook Messenger

Often, the introduction of a dislike button on Facebook has been speculated. Again and again there were alleged references to the thumb pointing downwards. In February 2016 the “Like” thumb was supplemented by a series of Emoji’s expressions of emotions – the Dislike button was not among them. While many users would like to say “not like”, Mark Zuckerberg defended himself to the last. Now the Facebook boss is giving up his anti-attitude. The Dislike button is being tested, but only in Messenger.

facebook messenger dislike button

A symbol for the thumb down have some users discovered in a beta-version of the Facebook messenger for iOS 10. Facebook has confirmed the new feature against the US Portal Techcrunch. The small test is part of the Group’s efforts to design messengers so that users have more fun and become more involved, let Facebook know. Facebook itself sees the Dislike button rather as a kind of “No” as answer in discussions.

Facebook Messenger: Dislike button is at Initial Stage

The so-called Messenger Reactions are likely to be made available to all users in the coming weeks as soon as they prove themselves in the test. In addition to the dislike button, there are also the reaction options “Likes”, “Love”, “Haha”, “Wow” and “Sad”, known from Newsfeed. The reactions in the newsfeed have been used 300 Billion times since the introduction a year ago. The fact that the Dislike-Button also comes in the newsfeed is, however, unlikely, but not excluded.

The emojis in the messenger also appear as a selection when users drive a message. According to the developers, the reactions are visible to all users involved in the thread. You can view all reactions occurring under a specific message by clicking the mouse or clicking on the mouse. This is also to be seen, which reaction of which user has shown on a particular text. Similar functions have Slack and iMessage.

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