The social media giant Facebook Introduces Marketplace on Monday as a new tab in its mobile application. This new tab, the Marketplace will let users buy and sell items online, the said tab will be replacing the Messenger shortcut located at the bottom of the Facebook application.

The move by Facebook to Introduce Marketplace seemed reasonable since there are already over 450 million people buying and selling items every month by utilizing Facebook Groups, so why not make it into an actual Facebook feature. The fact that Facebook is already one of the widest used apps in the world, makes it a huge competitor once it enters the buying and selling field online.

Here are a few points users will need to know about the new Facebook Marketplace, rules to follow and what features to expect:

  • In the event of wanting to purchase an item, it will automatically trigger the creation of a Messenger chat between buyer and seller.
  • Items will be easy to browse by categories, and there is a ‘Your Items’ section where you will be able to view inquiries on the items you have for sale.
  • Facebook will not be handling payments of shipping
  • People who are in the United States have the option to pay by utilizing the app’s mobile payments feature.
  • Marketplace’s default design is to showcase items that are for sale within the user’s area, but this can be changed to view item listings in any location.
  • As long as it follows Facebook’s commerce policies, any item may be listed on the Marketplace. (No guns, illegal drugs, animals or adult services)
  • Note that the new Facebook feature will only be available to users over 18 years old.


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