(Credit : Wired.com)

The emergence of Siri few years back was truly an amazing news for diehards as it proves to be an amazing news for diehards. Although, there are also other in the list such as Google Now, Echo, Cortana, Braina and some others, but Siri turns out to be the most humble artificial assistant and graduates with honors if compared with others. Siri has truly won laurels and has been the best one out when it comes to ingenious artificial assistance.

By observing the whole feature, we would come to know that Siri is truly a sweetheart application and enable users in sending messages, dialing calls and above all make important reservations. As far as the operation of this mind-blowing artificial assistant is concerned, you will be amazed to see its user-friendly usage and simple ways to talk to Siri.

While having a look at its detailed features we would come to know that the best thing about this artificial assistant is its location service. The ingenious Location Services would guide you to your desired destination without any hassle. Moreover, changing the gender voice setting and also language setting are also the coolest mesmerizers and add a touch of elegance to this amazing app.  However, for Siri, internet connection is a must and you won’t be able to reap its benefits if you are not connected to the internet.