Thursday, June 24, 2021

Experts Are Trying to Predict the Names of the Future Olympia Champions

The 2019 Olympia finished only a few months ago. However, all bodybuilding fans can’t wait for the next contest in 2020. While we all were expecting a terrific battle in 2019, it is more likely that this is postponed for the nearest future due to the absence of Shawn Rhoden, Big Ramy, Phil Heath, and other great Olympia stars.

Many sports experts are now busy; trying to guess who of the top sportsmen will take the throne in the nearest future. Names of the favorites are nearly unchanged comparing to the last-year predictions. Nevertheless, the 2018 contest taught us a great lesson – to pay attention not only to the top-three winners.

Shawn Rhoden shocked his fans when he dethroned unbeatable Phil Heath in 2018. He chose the most effective way to make his veins pop out. That year no one could imagine such a scenario, as Shawn was far from the target only a year before. Being the fifth in 2017 and growing up to the king’s place in 2018 is a huge achievement.

It’s very possible that similar surprises will wait for us in the future. Perhaps, being busy with the most popular Olympia names, we are missing a future legend making his way to the top.

Williams Fitness offers us a deeper insight into today’s bodybuilding in order to decide who of the new sportsmen have high chances to reign the Olympia in the nearest 10-15 years. What if to forget for a minute about Shawn, Phil, Ramy, and Kai and to take a look at those who have only made their first steps on the stage. Williams Fitness offers a new video of hunting future stars of tomorrow’s bodybuilding among today’s newbies.

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