iPhone 7 images leaked
(Credit: Martin Hajek)

The iPhone 7 Plus camera feature, which is the best feature of the device, will help people unleash the photographer inside them. The lenses are presently independent of each other, but Apple had some major plans for them. There will be a software update at the end of this year for unlocking the true potential of them and allow the 12MP lenses, to work with each other. It looks like the update might be ready already. It is available as part of the new iOS 10.1 public beta.

Features of iPhone 7 camera

The iPhone 7 Plus camera has sensors of 12-megapixel for each of the lens. There are two cameras on the back. One with a focal length of 28mm while the other with a focal length of 56mm. Many more features are optical image stabilization, touch focus, phase detection autofocus as well as 2x optical zoom.

There were various tests conducted on the zoom in feature of the camera. There will be an upgrade to iPhone 7 plus, which is possibly bigger than up gradation from an iPhone 6s to iPhone 7. The focal lenses are used not only while zooming in but also while clicking zoomed out.

The iPhone 7 Plus camera feature comprises of a quad-LED flash which produces about 50% more light. With such exciting features, the iPhone 7’s primary camera is referred to as a powerful camera which produces images that match the pictures captured by a DSLR.

In the case of the front camera, the company is proud to introduce the latest 7-megapixel front camera with f/2.0 aperture. One of the best iPhone 7 Plus camera feature is that it is capable of taking 1080p @30fps as well as 720p @240fps. Some other features of the camera are HDR, panorama as well as face detection mode. Since Apple is relying mostly on its dual-lens back camera, it hasn’t spoken much about the front camera.

The new portrait mode

The iPhone 7 Plus camera feature will get a new exciting thing as the new update will add a portrait mode to the camera app. When this is activated, both the wide angles are used along with the telephoto lenses for creating a bokeh effect, focusing on the subject and blurring the background, almost like a DSLR.

By default, photos which are taken in this “portrait” mode will have a non-blurred background version to the camera roll too. Users can prevail the effect in a quick time. For getting the beta, to make the iPhone 7 Plus camera feature more interesting, one needs to be enrolled in the beta program.

There are various available links on the internet for this purpose where the user needs to log in with their Apple ID. Then after that, they have to download the configuration profile on the ios device.


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