Adolf Hitler

Would you murder a toddler Hitler?

The common irony has motivated the intense debate amid thinkers for eras since the Nazi leader Hitler suicide in 1945.

A philosopher says that he has solved a dishonorable contradiction whether a time traveler would murder the toddler Hitler to developing up as Nazis leader. The Hitler was responsible of for ordering of the final verdict about the Europe’s Jews.

Would the time traveler kill the toddler Hitler? when it is known that he can destroy the world after he is grown up. Doing so can avoid the World War 2 and the Holocaust

Professor Christof  Mandry says “that the killing could never be justified”.

Mandry said: “It is a paradox. Because it suggests that you should execute Hitler as an infant for crimes he did not commit.”

“It is a seductive thought – you avoid the Second World War, the Holocaust and all evils of the 20th century if you simply kill Adolf Hitler as a toddler!”

“But that assumes that was the scapegoat for the disasters of the 20th century and without him everything would have been completely different, and above all much better.”

“So simple, to place all responsibility on Hitler and so hide the fact that so many supported him so enthusiastically.”

Under the leadership of Nazis Germans went through the destruction of war.

six million Jews were flog to death by his aggressive trait.

, “Actually the Holocaust could have been prevented if only not so many people had contributed to it and turned their faces against National Socialist and racist thought.” Says Mandry.

The professor is bidden, if there were other options- perhaps abducting the baby and placing him in a foster home, or guaranteeing that his parents never encountered.

But he said: “The idea of the time machine is so seductive, because all people yearn for a more peaceful and more equitable world.

“There is no such magic wand. Peace and justice could be achieved through determination, deliberation and sustained commitment to human rights.”

A German newspaper is conducting a survey. Whether they would kill the newborn Hitler or not? The result would be shown tomorrow.


The Readers are provided with the options of ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘I am not sure’.