Europe vs. Sweden featured in this year’s world Cup Semifinal. It is not at all an easy task when you are playing against the best team in a World Cup. Europe team almost displayed a miraculous outing while they defeated the team from Sweden which is regarded as the best team in the hockey world cup 2016. The team Europe will face the challenge of the Canada in the finals. The Canadian team reached the final winning all the preliminary stage ties, and they have a score of 14-3.

The team Europe which featured in the semifinals is composed of players from various countries. Players from the Germany, Slovakia, etc. featured in the team Europe and thus it makes a quite confluence of culture within the team. The coach performed well in forming the team and provided it a perfect punch before the outing. All the spectators along with the experts are stunned by the display of the team Europe in the world Cup semifinal. They have upset the team from Sweden with a score line of 3-2 in the Europe vs. Sweden. It was quite tough to score against the best defense and the best goalie in the world. But the team from Europe played the game with full authority and handled the pressure well. Before the semifinal, they were the underdogs, and everyone expected that the team from Sweden would come out as the finalist of the hockey World Cup.

But this team from the Europe displayed an exceptional performance in the semifinal, and they came out as the eventual winner of the game defeating all odds.


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