The joy and zeal of the Apple die-hards know no bounds as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have completely stolen the show. These two new Apple gadgets and most specifically iOS 9.0.2 OS have created spree on universal level. However, for Apple, sky is the limit and there are still more mesmerizing offerings to come. The company is now in the process of making the enticing iPhone 7 and the insane buzz about the features of the device is compelling them to offer the best one out to their fans.

Yet some interesting and up-to-date news about iPhone 7 is that the company is launching a brand new gadget, the Apple Watch 2. The word on the street is that the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch 2 are expected to release on the same date. Let us see as to how much this idea get admiration.

With the successful launch and positive admiration of the first version of Apple Watch, the team is now working really hard to meet the expectations that have been attached with the Apple Watch 2. As a matter of fact, the Apple team postponed the launch of 2nd version of this watch so as to eradicate the technical flaws of the first generation. However, the Apple Watch 2 release date being associated with the iPhone 7 is baseless.

The iPhone 7 release is also significant in the sense that the latest hip and experts’ views depicts iPhone 7 design will be completely waterproof. If this opinion is true then the we would undoubtedly witness an insane hustle and bustle on its release. Even the critics would admire this amazing feature of the device. However, the news is not a good one for Samsung as the company has removed the waterproof certification from their latest gadgets and would undoubtedly be enticed by the iPhone 7 waterproof certification strategy. Let’s wait and watch!


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