ESPN layoff
ESPN layoff

Struggling ESPN layoffs many.

ESPN layoffs, employees being informed by phone calls and meetings that there service  is no more needed, one after another. There are many names that you will hear, as ESPN is redesigning there lineup of programs.

ESPN layoffs were coming, it was known for a while. But today president of ESPN John Skipper announced in an official statement that,

“A necessary component of managing change involves constantly evaluating how we best utilize all of our resources, and that sometimes involves difficult decisions. … We will implement changes in our talent lineup this week. A limited number of other positions will also be affected and a handful of new jobs will be posted to fill various needs.”

Most of the network’s on air personalities are said to be laid off on Wednesday. It is clear that ESPN is sadly downsizing the reporting ranks and many well known journalists will be leaving now.

ESPN is the biggest channel in sports broadcasting. The ESPN layoffs are justified as the viewers choice of watching the sports is shifting from traditional ways to consuming live sports. Facing the same issue the network has lost more than 10 million subscribers over the past few months. The cost of broadcasting the sports is constantly raising high as ESPN agreed with NFL for 10 years in a 15.2 billion dollars deal. They signed the deal of 12 billion dollars in 2011 with NBA and a deal of 7.3 billion dollars deal with the college football playoffs. In 2015, ESPN laid off more or less 300 people, most of whom were not off the camera.

James Andrew Miller the writer who wrote the book on ESPN says

“ESPN was wrapped in Teflon for many years, but big payouts for rights fees plus significant losses in their subscriber base were like punches to the gut and head, and now the company is trying to make sure they are strong enough to fight in the future.”

Reporter Ed Werder announced his lay off earlier this day. If he laid off, it was a proof that no one is spare in this game of downsizing. He was one of the networks most respectable voices.

Many journalist tweeted about the sad news.