Tayyip Edrogan winning this referendum
In this late Wednesday, April 12, 2017 photo, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses his supporters during a referendum meeting in Istanbul. Turkey is heading to a contentious April 16 referendum on constitutional reforms to expand Erdogan's powers.(Kayhan Ozer/Presidential Press Service, Pool Photo via AP)

Edrogan’s camp need to win 50% votes in Turkey Referendum to score victory!

Tayyip Edrogan wins Turkey Referendum!
With 94% ballots counted Tayyip Edrogan is ruling the Turkey Referendum by leading with 53% votes,

Tayyip Edrogan has gained the major popularity vote as results come closing in on the Turkey Referendum. According to reports from TRT world the ratio is somewhere around 52.7 to 47. Almost 53% people are in favor of changing Turkey’s constitution and supporting Tayyip Edrogan

Less than 10% votes to be counted in Turkey Referendum we are now narrowing down towards the win. The win will give Tayyip Edrogan more power.

Istanbul is constantly opposing the yes vote but will it stop Tayyip Edrogan from winning? Let’s wait for a little longer and we will get to know is this a mighty day for Turkey or Tayyip Edrogan. Might is right so lets wait for result.

We have come to know that Ankara has voted “No” with 50.2% people against giving more powers to President Tayyip Edrogan. They have already counted 93% ballots in Turkey’s Capital Ankara.

The supporters have already started celebrating in Turkey’s capital Ankara as Tayyip Edrogan is coming closer to winning Turkey Referendum.

The “No” vote is still leading in major cities of Turkey e.g. Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul. Prime is set to make an official statement about Turkey Referendum at 1800 GMT. If Tayyip Edrogan wins a yes vote today, he’ll stay in the office till 2029.

Turks from Greece and Britain have voted against Tayyip Edrogan.

This is a developing story….Stay tuned