Pokemon Go
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Nintendo recently has announced their latest original game version. This is called Pokémon Sun and Moon.A Munchlax will be given as a bonus for players who buy Pokémon Sun and Moon. Munchlax is a cute teal Pokémon with a cream-colored circle on his chest. It also has big, round eyes and triangular ears. This Pokémon is very familiar to Pokémon players, as its evolved version is Snorlax, one of the first Pokémon introduced in the story.

People who buy this version before Jan 11th, 2017 will have the chance to “pocket” a Munchlax with a special Snorlium Z item when they connect the game to the internet. If the Munchlax involves, the Pulverizing Pancake item will be awarded thanks to the Snorlium Z. The Munchlax will own his popular move Hole Back when players receive them. He also can learn the move Happy Hour. These are two popular moves to any Pokémon players.

A whole new region called Alola has been introduced in the Pokémon World. This means many new original Pokémon will also be introduced to this mysterious land. Players can look for the information of these, as it has been introduced this year. The Pokémon Sun and Moon version obviously will follow the steps of the Pokémon trainers to explore the new continent. This is what most players expect from this version, as the adventure now has much more thing to discover. They include new Pokémon, a new character, new move as well as a new battle on the way to becoming a Pokémon Champion.



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