Tuesday, 28th of July 2015, the battery producing giant: Energizer Holdings, Inc. saw a loss in the stock market of – 1.86%  which made its trading to be done at a price of $40.59.

The company announced recently that it be declaring the results for its second financial quarter on Thursday, the 6th of August, just before the stock market will open. Continuing the company also released a statement that a conference call will also be held which will discuss the company’s performance and the financial results that it just declared. The call will be held on the same day as the results. The conference call can be seen line on their website which would include Chief Financial Officer Brian Hamm and their Chief Executive Officer Alan Hoskins. No such statements were released regarding a Q and A session.

Energizer Holdings, Inc. is a Missouri based company that is mostly known for making batteries and personal care products. The famous energizer batteries come under their umbrella and also sun screens such as Banana Boat, shaving creams, female and baby care products are entities that are manufactured and distributed under the Energizer Holdings, Inc. banner.

Next, Columbia Pipeline Group Inc. was happy enough to see a gain of 2.11% which made the price of its stock traded at $29.49.

The reason behind the two percent gain could be that the company recently announced that it has approved the payment of the quarterly dividend of 12.5 cents per share. It will be paid to common stock holders on the 30th of July 2015. It is to be noted that ever since the company separated itself from NI NiSource Inc. on the 1st of July, It will be the first ever dividend payment by them. The company on the first of May had announced that it plans on expanding and enhancing its combined dividend.

Columbia Pipeline Group Inc. has a wide portfolio which includes operating and developing a wide range of mid-stream, pipes and storage assets. From the Gulf of Mexico to New York, it boasts owning about Fifteen thousand miles of interstate gas pipeline

Finally, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. wasn’t as lucky as The Columbia Pipeline group and saw a loss of -0.83% which made the trading of its shares at a price of $71.40.

Recently the Pharmaceutical giant declared that an application for Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) was filed to the European Medicines Agency (EMA). This was because they are working on a treatment for the asthma attacks that occur in adults, despite the fact that they take the prescribed regimen. A doctor that works for the company stated earlier that even though care and treatment is available for such disorders, the need for a more targeted medicine and treatment is required which is present in reslizumab.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd is an Israeli based pharmaceutical company that deals specially in developing genetic drugs, making it the largest manufacturer for these drugs.


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