'Empire' Season 3 Episode 9 Review: A Furnace For Your Foe
'Empire' Season 3 Episode 9 Review: A Furnace For Your Foe

'Empire' Season 3 Episode 9 Review: A Furnace For Your Foe

In “Empire” last event, Cookie organized a concert for the campaign while Angelo Tariq tried Lucious to freeze the imperial capital. Here are the most important things to know about “A stove for your enemy”, the ninth episode of Season 3 things.

Half of the last season began with Angelo with a concentration in Queens, where he defended Cookie criticism and announced that the captain of the whole world is now the ball of man, a street concert open to the audience, with Jamal’s head poster. His mother Diana was furious, and Lucious asked if Jamal could handle a “unruly mob”. He also accused Cookie-Angelo in the family.

Lucious and Diana had their own chat of the situation and they wanted his help to destroy a story that might cost the Angelo’s choice. In return, she promised that the new cookie would be “cremated”. Unintentionally by Lucious at the time, Tariq has a freezer to freeze the property of the empire while working for an act of murder against the murder of Frank Gathers. Anika also demanded that Lucious choose between her and her mother Leah.

Lucious threatened essentially the revenge journalist against Angelo, but Diana wanted to help her share in the market because it was now an “effect of cookies” Angelo to help the campaign. “I was excited and had to soothe cookies when he said that his credit cards “I promise that they will not be heard,” he said, in a flashback of their first kiss, and also warned that Angelo is a “political opportunist” with “skeletons.”

Lucious then went to meet the FBI Tariq, saying, “Do you love me here I am” police officer’s father was offered, revealing all the officers who were brothers, and gave a lecture on the committed brothers under yes. Then Shines he asked Lucious why I can not access funds from the company, and in fact, proposes him 50 million to fight for a stake in the empire in exchange $. Tariq was furious when he heard the gleam because they worked together.

Jamal said he was planning for his performance again with the help of D major, Lucious and urged him to “make a permanent nap” when he was spending the “dirty laundry” in his new music. Jamal Cookie promised not to be made bigger, and reluctantly gave her pills. But the day of the concert was MIA. Cookies and then in the process of retreat and crying tears through pills just to make it through the show. She gave in.

Meanwhile, a depressed André admitted that Nessa is bipolar and shared how Rhonda takes care. She refused in this paper, hoping to intervene that it becomes independent. His hallucination Rhonda said, “She is trying to get away from me.” He asked her to “let me go”, so that you can realize your dreams. “Rhonda” gave him permission with Nessa, go ahead in the interest of power, but also made him promise to take Anika.

Hakeem planted a kiss on Tiana at the end of her duet concert, and she went with her as the crowd encouraged her. Jamal himself eventually did on stage and gave him an intense performance that everyone loves. But after cookies and family, which they said, they will be rehabilitated with the help of Phillip. A sad farewell followed with Jamal feel betrayed, but Lucious Cookie be sure to finally thank you.

Then with the help of journalist Angelo blinded his DUI for a long time … that killed his passenger. In the final minutes of the episode, called André Glanz to work with Tariq and Lucious freeze assets. The phrase: André has offered to kill the team and “my father.”