Election Results
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As the race for the presidential elections is almost coming to an end, the supporters of both the party representatives are waiting anxiously for the final announcement. These final few hours are very difficult as the polls have been under the media attention ever since it had started. A few minutes left for America to know who shall be their 45th President the four levels of faceoff had been the most interesting part of this whole journey.

The much-awaited results

What America has to witness now is whether the winning candidate gets to fulfill all the promises that he or she had stated while standing on the panel. Among several controversies and charges, the candidates have been able to appear in the final poll result day.

With Clinton fainting in one of her campaigning days and having overcome all the fatigue and pressure she sounds extremely confident. She expects that the young and jubilant population will be able to make the best decision and choose the best candidate that they feel will be absolutely eligible for the presidential post.

Election Results
(Image : Youtube)

The recent reviews and discussions

The recent reviews and discussions that are going around have been pointing at a higher percentage of chances of Clinton winning the election. There is a huge buzz around the fact that Trump has recently faced some threat while he was campaigning in one of the halls. The bodyguards have been quite tactful in protecting him and moving him on to the backstage even before the attacker could attack him on stage. He had to stop his speech and go undercover for safety.#USElections

The recent polls mention the changes that can be expected at the end of the polls. Trump has a lead in Arizona. The polling maps are the best informative ones that show how certain regions are going to be the best prospects for the winning candidates.



Some more updates on the polls

With Clinton having earned 84 % chances of winning the election, Trump has been able to secure a mere 16% chance of winning the election. To draw a conclusion one has to study the national trend. The results so far have been quite a neck to neck with both the candidates making it to a good a score in terms of the votes. The winning probabilities can change. Nothing can be said before the election results out. America is waiting with all its might and high spirit to cheer for its next president. They are hoping for a hope to see the country reach some new heights. There have been several forecasts that keep discussing the much-awaited results ever since the whole election has started.

The candidates do receive extreme support from the states that favor them. Florida, Pennsylvania is very important for both the candidates. These zones provide an equal possibility for both the candidates to win the election. The population of favoring these candidates is in equal stands.