Another attack on humanity

Bloodshed and brutality continue as the St. George’s Coptic Church got exploded today taking away the lives of 13 innocent.This is another story of Egypt getting targeted.  The explosion took place at the Coptic church when the Coptic Christians were celebrating their Palm Sunday which is regarded as their religious activity. They celebrate this day as making entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. An attack on Egypt like this during this holy ceremony is highly condemned worldwide. Shedding of blood at this religious occasion who is to be blamed for this attack on Egypt?

According to the past history, of Egypt getting targeted,  Egypt  Coptic Christians of Egypt have been attacked by some Islamist. But for now, this is not the perfect news. Agencies are trying to find the real cause of this attack. This is more Egypt getting targeted than an attack. According to media reports, 40 had been injured which makes the scenario even worst.
The city of Tanta, North Cairo has been attacked time before leaving an example of Egypt getting targeted, Many injured and many killed in such attacks. If we look at the political blaming the Morsi supporters said that it is the Christians attacking Christians. When any such activity takes place there are a number of rumors. Some of them come out to be true. But Now the Government is only concerned with the well-being of injured and is with the families of martyred, the news will be coming lately about the real cause of this attack.
Coptic Christians held a place in Egypt. They have a population of 5 million according to the Egypt surveys. The are although considered as a minority but still, they have religious rights. This explosion has raised a new question towards racism. Whether it was an attack towards the humanity or minority.

Moreover, an explosion at such a holy place and during a holy ceremony is still a question mark for all the protectors of humanity that should this has to happen? The Egyptian government will soon give a statement about this.