Saturday, July 31, 2021

Eddie Hall Is Losing Almost 2 Pounds Per Week. Will We See Him in Bodybuilding?

Hall is famous for his iron will and his unbroken world record – 500-kg deadlift. Eddie is showing a terrific weight loss, which started in summer.  Check his latest photo, where his weight is 361.1 lbs., which is 70 lbs. lighter than at the time he won the World’s Strongest Man in 2017.

Eddie wrote in his Instagram post:

Today i weighed 164kg / 26 stone / 361lbs Meaning iv lost 32kg / 5 stone / 70 lbs since I won the worlds strongest man 2017. Working my bollox off to succeed on another mission. My next goal is another huge one and I’m attacking it like I did with strongman il let you all know soon enough what it is.

If you want to know how fast Hall is losing weight, just imagine that his weight was 379.2 lbs. in the post made on the 24th of June and 21st of July; already on the 13th September his weight was 374.5lbs,

and on the 27th of September, he weighed 373.7lbs.

Hall wrote on his Instagram that he’s been training really hard lately and he’s really hungry for success. Eddie is doing 4 cardio sessions per week including cycling, boxing, swimming, and HIIT land training.

Hall’s heaviest weight was 433 lbs. and he confessed this was a torture for him. His Instagram posts show that this guy lost almost 18 pounds within two and a half months, which is about two pounds per week. This is an aggressive loss of fat, especially when taking into account his huge muscles.

Hall confessed he has a new huge goal, and many suppose it might be bodybuilding. And there are reasons to think so. Eddie mentioned in one of his interviews this year that he was interested in mastering another sport, for example, fighting or bodybuilding. By the way, his wife burst into tears and begged Eddie to be normal when she heard this sitting next to him.


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