Eddie Hall Demonstrates His Transformation: You Won’t Believe It’s Not Photoshop!

Eddie Hall is one of the strongest men on the planet. Yet, he has a competitor. Recently Hafthor Bjornsson broke Eddie’s record and invited him to fight at the boxing rink. Hall took the challenge seriously. He’s already on the way to the greatest transformation in his career. Check how different he looks now!

Both Bjornsson and Hall are almost equally strong. Yet, none of them agrees to share the throne in the strongmen’s world. When lifting was not an issue anymore, they decided on another battle. Two strongmen are going to check how well they fight. In around a year they will meet at the boxing rink. Both of them are very serious about the future fight.

Eddie Hall has been into strength sport for most of his life. This brought him fame, money, and confidence. But now is not the right time to relax. After Hafthor Bjornsson broke his record, Eddie got another motivation to move forward.

Being the second strongest man on the planet is not equal to being a good boxer. Eddie Hall knows that well. He also knows that his routine training and dieting won’t help him on the boxing rink. Yet, Eddie is not the one who gives up easily.

First, Hall added some dynamic exercises to his training program. They increase his flexibility and speed. It isn’t easy. Yet, it has brought an impressive result. Now the strongman works even harder. He lost weight and became super shredded. The sports society is impressed by his determination and work ethic.

Some of Hall’s followers call the transformation insanity. Others worry whether his health won’t be harmed with such hard training. There are those who still can’t believe the new photos and videos are real. Yet, Hall is not going to stop. It’s hard to imagine which result he can reach in a year.  

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