Eddie Alvarez is definitely one of the most successful and skilled MMA fighters. The 34-years-old sportsman has held UFC champion belt many times. He has called himself ‘the most violent MMA fighter’, however, during his fights he’s more concentrated and dynamic than truly aggressive.

Eddie signed his contract with UFC at the beginning of 2014. The contract lasted until summer 2018. The end of the contract coincided with his TKO loss in the fight with Dustin Poirier in July 2018.

Eddie has stayed a free agent until recently. His fans were worried about his future carrier and waited to see more spectacular fights of Alvarez. Sports experts expected that Eddie would join the UFC promotion again and would sign a new prolonged contract with the organization. However, Eddie took a different decision. And it was quite unexpected one.

A few days ago, Eddie Alvarez informed his fans that he was going to sign a new contract with One Championship. The decision is final and official and Eddie has serious intentions to finish the deal in the nearest future.

The official representatives of the One Championship promotion have confirmed Alvarez’ words and told they are happy to see Eddie Alvarez among their top sportsmen.


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