Eddie Alvarez has already had contracts with Bellator and UFC. He made successful carriers and held champion belts in both organizations. Eddie’s latest contract that was signed with UFC in 2014 ended up this summer.

Since July 2018 Alvarez has been a free agent and has been thinking about his future plans. Recently the fighter told he decided to sign a contract with One Championship fighting promotion. The organization also verified the information, making several official publications on the social media and on their site.

The decision of Alvarez was quite unexpected for his fans who were guessing if he would join UFC or Bellator. Nobody thought about One Championship as about a proper variant for Alvarez. That’s why Eddie was simply attacked by the questions about his choice.

Alvarez explained his decision during a press conference on Wednesday. He told that this time he was attracted not by a status of an organization or money prize but by his own desire to make a history and to become a fighter who held champion belts of three big organizations. Eddie won the champion title twice, being a Bellator fighter. He also managed to become a UFC champion in a lightweight category. Now he’s planning to get a champion title in One Championship promotion. He hopes to become the first fighter getting champion title in several promotions.

Eddie also told he had received a lot of offers from many fighting organizations and his choice was not easy. He compared the conditions offered by UFC and those that are offered by the Asian promotion. He told that UFC is a great choice if you are looking for money. However, One Champion made an offer he couldn’t refuse. He told that the organizations created perfect conditions both for Eddie’s self-realization and for comfort of his family.


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