Ed Roberts activist

Whenever someone speaks about the social rights and welfare one name can never be neglected. He is the person who stood not only for himself but also for others. Ed Roberts activist, a name very well-known to everyone. One of his kind, he was a true motivator himself. He lived a life which left lessons for many.

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Ed Roberts activist 23 Jan 1939-14 March 1995.

Ed Roberts activist was an American national. He died at the age of 56 due to cardiac arrest. He has one son named John Lee He married Catherine Dugan and the coupled got divorced in 1982. Both share the custody of their son.

Ed Roberts activist is a well-known name in the history of activism due to his unmatchable efforts for the cripple. He felt their pain in his heart and portrayed it in his countless efforts. He is still alive in the hearts of many.

Ed Roberts activist was the first student to attend University of California, Berkeley with severe disabilities.

Ed Roberts activist had a history of his own. He himself suffered from polio at the age of 14. It was an unbearable shock for him and his family. He was pushed back by this disease. Ed Roberts activist spends 18 months in the hospital. He struggled for his life which eventually worked. Because of his urge to live he survived through this.  It was his choice to do or die. But Ed Roberts activist, the man in the history chose to liveNot only for himself but also for others.

After suffering from polio, Ed Roberts activist was also on frog breathing.  This itself was difficult to handle. But he finally made his way through this.

Zona, Ed Roberts activist mother was his true inspiration despite all the despair and darkness in his life.

Ed Roberts mother wanted him to grow. She wanted him to live like a normal child. Zona, his mother was the role model for him. Ed Roberts activist learned a lot from her. She taught him to enter university with the same zeal and zest. Zona taught him to fight his fears. Ed Roberts activist was afraid of people being judgmental about his apparent appearance. He was feared of being stared. But after all, he had his mother. She taught him to live and move on with what he had. She spoke to him often. Telling him that he was blessed with the best.


Ed Roberts activist learned to live as a star but not as a cripple.

After all the struggle and hard work of his mother, he was eventually ready to go to university. In the start he faced difficulties but then he learned to fly.

He was known as ” Father of Independent living movement”.

Ed Roberts activist
Ed Roberts activist

Ed Roberts activist started his career as an advocate when he was challenged at the college.He was not granted with a diploma because he did not pass through the driving and physical test. People commented that we have tried the cripples and it did not work. He had to fight fo the support.

Ed Roberts activist graduated in 1962.  It was exactly 2 years before the free speech movement hit the Berkeley. It was a movement of student protest.

He has to face many hardships to get a position in the public. Due to his heavy iron lung, he was given a separate room in the  Cowell hospital. He fought for his rights which gave an inspiration to the other cripple students. With the time the students start getting admission and it turned into a Cowell Residence program.

Ed Roberts activist was a real hero. He worked for the rights of others. He himself suffered from disabilities but he left a lesson for everyone that it is the mind which is not cripple.

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The disable students start calling themselves as ” Rolling Quads” which was a positive vibe for the first time.

Due to Ed Roberts activist efforts, the normal people saw a ray of hope in the disable ones. They were surprised to see such a revolution in them. Cripple have always been dull and dead. But now they were ready to raise their voices.

Ed Roberts activist got his BA and Ma degree from UC Brekeley.

The huge success at campus encouraged them to work more for the rights of disable. Under the guidance of Ed Roberts activist, they started up for the Physically Disabled Student Program. 


During the whole career, Ed Roberts activist has been awarded number of titles.

In 1995, The National museum of American history accepted Roberts’s wheelchair as a commodity of his collections

After that in 2010, the governor of California declared Ed Robert’s activist birthday as a day of related significance.

A center for independent living was opened in 2011  with the name of Ed Roberts campus.

The Berkely Rotary club gave away its annual Rotary peace award to Ed Roberts activist in 2014

In 2017, on his 78th birthday, Ed Robert was honored with google doodle in the recognition of his constant activism.


Ed Roberts activist
Ed Roberts activist honored with a google doodle on his 78th birthday

Eventually, he died but at last his activism paid. He brought up a confidence in those who were disabled physically. His mother always used to say that she saw a rising star in his son. Nonetheless, was one of his kind who lived to lead others. May he be blessed by the best in the seven heavens.