We all know that all the fruits out there are superhealthy and highly nutritious for us. They contain antioxidants, fiber as well as sugar. Although the fruits contain natural form of sugar and fiber, the body still treats these just like other kind of sugar. Expert dieticians say that too much of sugar in any form, be it in fruits, chocolates, or other source, can increase in the blood sugar levels. When this happens, the people follow a steep crash diet and exercise regime to cut down those levels.

But what should you do if you are obsessed with fruits and love having them? Well, the experts say that aiming to have just two cups of fruit or simply less fruits in a day can help you maintain the blood sugar level. Of if you love eating fresh fruits then go for the ones that low-sugar level such as Kiwis (9 gram sugar), Strawberries (4.9 gram of sugar), Avocados (0.7 gram of sugar), Blackberries (4.9 gram of sugar), Grapefruit (7 gram of sugar), and Raspberries (4.4 gram of sugar) among others.

The amount of sugar measured in the above mentioned fruits is based on a 100 gram serving. These fruits are the tasty choice available out there and are perfect even in the summer which is just around the corner. Even though Avocados have a low sugar level, these contain a high amount of calories, so be careful about the size of the portion you are eating.

On the other hand, if you eat fruits a lot and also trying to shed those extra pounds then try and avoid fruits such as apples, bananas, mangoes, pineapple and pears as these fruits will not help you in losing weight. So switch to other fruits, such as the ones mentioned above, and look for the changes.


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