dragon quest builders
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With regard to the sandbox type of video games, it is known that Minecraft is the top dog. However, some may say that some aspects of Dragon Quest Builders are better than Minecraft.

Possibly everyone knows Minecraft, and if not, know that it is a vast world that lets players do what they want to do. If you want to build an underground maze, go for it! Feeling like creating an underwater waterslide, by all means, prepare your chips and soda stashes because it’s going to take a while to pull it off but you definitely can!

Minecraft is definitely awesome, but how about this other sandbox game Dragon Quest Builders? It is said that most of USGamers don’t know that this game has aspects that are a whole lot better than Minecraft.

Dragon Quest Builders is a game that will guide players on how to utilize the land to create a structure, it guides them on how to build homes, and how to keep villagers happy as they thrive in the town you have created, plus it also points players to the direction of cooking up creative ways on how to defend against attacks on their homegrown village.

The biggest difference between Minecraft and Dragon Quest Builders is that the latter has a solid storyline, unlike Minecraft that is more of a blank canvas type.

The storyline in Dragon Quest Builders is that the piece of land that the player will be digging up and using for construction is a land once called Alefgard, and the player actually has a goal in this sandbox game, and that is to restore the city to its old glory. The players will start with building the city, having villagers live there comfortably, then comes the time of chaos whereas the player will have to defend the city against thieves, bandits, and whatnot.

Moreover, Dragon Quest Builders has a better combat mechanics than Minecraft and better graphics too. Those who have yet to give Dragon Quest Builders a try would do so, and maybe you would be one of those who agrees that Dragon Quest Builders is just as good as the competition or maybe even better.


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