DOTA 2 Problems Foxed
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Every major update is always something that can completely change a game. For an MOBA game like DOTA 2, a faulty major update could mean a disaster for the future of the game! But we all know that if the update does not leave the Beta test, the problems cannot be fixed!

Always Give Feedback

It is the feedback that the players will give, that will help the developers fix the issues. And luckily for all the DOTA 2 players out there the developers are not resting. When the 7.00 update of the game came out, players noticed glitches , performance issues in bot games,  team emoticons that were not working, and issues with the interaction between Rubick’s spell steal, Treant Protector’s eyes in the forest and Techies’ Land Mines!

DOTA 2 News
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The moment those problems were reported, the developers wasted no time. They got to work and now those problems are fixed. This has finally made the game a lot more pleasurable for both veteran as well as new players!

Fixing the problems!

The new update divided the community, on various different topics, and united them in others. The problems were what united them, but now that they are getting fixed, one by one, the players have nothing to complain about!

So get back into playing the game. Now you will be able to enjoy it even more. The challenges are waiting for you. Go conquer the map and emerge a true hero!