dota 2 champs
(Image: ESME)

DOTA 2, one of the most notorious multiplayer online battle arena games, has recently been updated to the seventh version. Now, this is one of the most important updates that this game has ever gotten, if not the major one. It took almost 10 years to reach this patch and, apparently, things are actually changing completely. Many players talk of a completely new game.

Is The Map Giving You Trouble As Well?

Now, the new character that was added, the Monkey King, was actually a very pleasant surprise. Apparently, players love him. They constantly try to play with him. However, it is not the new character that has changed the game, it is the new environment of the map.

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Apparently, even veteran players and actually facing trouble getting used to the new map environment. They simply cannot seem to be able to cope with it. Of course, this is just the beginning, the update is only a few days old but, still, for a veteran player to face such a big problem, is this something that the game will be able to deal with?

Different Opinions. What is Yours?

Currently, the opinions are still different. Many veteran players out there actually love the new environment. They believe that, the game is actually giving them an opportunity to change everything they knew so far. For them this is a new challenge and they are very pleased for the result. Others not so much.

Another part of the veteran community believes that, they spended a great deal of time playing the game only to have to start over as if they were new players. And this is something that they will simply not accept.

However, as mentioned, the update is very new still and, there are a lot of things left to see before we make up our minds on whether we like it or not. If you are a veteran of the game or if you are just starting, let us know your opinion. After all, this is exactly how we will be able to get a more spherical picture of this new era that is starting for DOTA 2!