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One of eSports’ best and most successful teams seem to be on the brink of a horrible break up resulting to some of the team member’s absence in future tournaments. The break up seems to be because of a roster shake-up triggered by poor performance in a recent tournament, all this later caused a divided team.

NaVi, short for Natus Vincere, fell short on making it to the top ten in the most high-staked tournament for Dota 2, the International 6 Dota 2 Tournament that took place in Seattle this spring. Some of the members of the team felt like falling out after the tremendous fail and seem to be against playing with each other anymore. This was according to a former team Navi player Dmitriy “LighTofHeaveN” Kupriyanov during a Twitch Stream on Wednesday night.

LighTofHeaveN is now a Dota 2 commentator and  he has “verified information from a reliable source”  that some of the present members of NaVi fell into an argument after the bitter end for their team during the International 6, the biggest Dota 2 international event with a record-breaking $20 million prize pool.

NaVi is the fifth highest earning team in all of eSports, with that title in mind and the fact they finished in 16th place in TI6, which is the lowest payout spot set off the NaVi rift. After all that, the team hasn’t had a good rest of their season either, they were unseen in preceding tournaments this summer.

Kupriyanov also said during his Twitch stream that Navi is trying to settle the argument in time for invites to upcoming qualifiers and tournaments. If they want to compete in the Boston Major, with its $3 million prize pool, they’ve got 10 days to get things sorted out before the Oct. 23 open qualifiers. Moreover, he also implied that some members of NaVi already have all the money and popularity they can handle, and do not mind if they don’t get more, it is possible that burnout is a factor in this rift between members.


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