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Dota 2 is considered by many to be the best MOBA game out there. For all of you already playing DOTA 2 you know that, the excitement of starting a new game is like no other. And now, with the new update, things are going to get even wilder.

New Update is Here:

On December 12th, Valve released the much anticipated 7.00 update for the game Dota 2 and every player out there was amazed by what they got. First of all, the introduction of a completely new character, the Monkey King. We all know the story of the legendary creature Sun Wukong aka the Monkey King. We have seen him in movies, in television series and of course in other games and now, it is in Dota 2.

dota 2 champs
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He is a melee carry that will slam his enemies with his staff, will cause great damage and will be able to jump from tree to tree as well as disguise himself. Not just that but, you will also be able to summon a big pack of smaller monkeys to attack your enemies.

A New Character:

This new character however is not the only thing coming to us with the patch. The HUD has been completely redesigned. The map, the hero console, the top bar as well as the shop, they have all changed. From now on, all of the characters are actually going to operate on a talent tree. You will basically be given two different choices between two perks every time you reach levels 10, 15, 20 and 25. Last but not least, the entire process of gaining experience, gold as well as levelling up has been completely changed as well and, the response time has been decreased.

As for the changes of the map, you are going to be enjoying this. Roshan is now more powerful with a lot more armour as well as attack range. He has also been moved closer to the power up rune. However, his health bar is going to be lower as well as the health that he is going to be gaining back.

The Redesigned Map:

The runes around the map are also different. From now on, we are going to have the power up rune as well as bounty type runes. Although shrines will not provide vision and will only become vulnerable after your team loses the second tier towers, they are now considered to be buildings. That means that, they will be able to offer you certain buffs and you will be able to teleport directly to them.

During the Gameplay, you will also receive a backpack that will allow you to carry three extra items. Unfortunately, you will not be able to activate all of those items together and get their bonuses. But you will be able to swap them into your inventory. With a certain delay of course and a longer cooldown while they are in the backpack.

Is the Gameplay going to be better?

But, don’t think that, the only thing changing is going to be the gameplay. The pre-game phase is actually going to be different as well. When you enter the selection screen you are now going to be seeing something like a character gallery. You will also be receiving completely new information that will give you a much better idea of the character you’re selecting as well as the characters the rest of your team members are going to select. This will give you a much better overview of your team and perhaps a much better strategy.

Lucky for you, with the new update, you will have about 30 seconds to create a strategy, after you have selected the characters. You can do the usual then. Assign lanes, purchase the starting items and of course, change the loadouts. And do not worry about the game. While you do all of that it will just load in the background.

Let’s take this to the next level:

Last but not least, other characters have been redesigned as well. The game is said to be a lot more balanced right now since, the changes that have been made between the characters and the improvements that you will notice, will actually make the game a lot easier but at the same time interesting and a lot more fun for you.

This is a new and exciting chapter for DOTA 2. Make sure that you will not miss out on this remarkable update. We can guarantee that, your experience playing this game is going to change without you even realising it. It’s time for you to take the game to the next level.