Dosage and Results of Winstrol

Winstrol Profile (Stanozolol)

  • 17beta-Hydroxy-17-methyl-5alpha-androstano[3,2-c] pyrazole
  • Molecular Weight: 344.53
  • Molecular Formula: C22H36N2O
  • Manufacturer: (Originally) Sterling
  • Effective Dose(men): 50-100mgs/day
  • Effective Dose (women): 2.5-10mgs/day
  • Active Life:8hours
  • Detection Time:3 weeks (oral) to 9 weeks (injectable)
  • Androgenic/Anabolic Ratio:30:320

Benefits of Winstrol

Winstrol helps in quality muscle growth and also helps in increasing strength when a proper workout schedule and diet is followed. Winstrol is one of the few steroids available which does not give the user any water retention, for this reason, Winstrol is mainly used in cutting cycles, as it helps give the user that “hard and shredded” look when their body fat levels are low enough. It also improves the bodies ability to produce red blood cells and as a result of more red blood cells, recovery from workouts are faster as well as bigger “muscle pumps” during training.

Winstrol Dosage

Dosage typically ranges between 30mg and 50mg daily, people new to Winstrol should start on a lower dosage to see how their body reacts to it.

Dosage for Bulking

Winstrol is generally not preferred for building mass as it is highly anabolic and very slightly androgenic, an oral Steroid such as Dianabol is usually a better choice for people wanting to bulk up. Due to its ability to dramatically lower SHBG it can be used in a bulking cycle as a means to make other hormones more efficient, increase free testosterone and even solidify gains to a stronger degree but most of the people will find other steroids to be far more beneficial than winstrol in the long run. However some people are very sensitive to side effects of certain Steroids such as Dianabol, and would rather use Winstrol in a bulking cycle, while the weight gain wont be as dramatic as with Dianabol, with a proper high calorie diet, you can still see good results.

Dosage for Cutting

Generally, 30 to 50 mg per day for 4-6 weeks. Winstrol can put strain on the liver so it is never advised to do dosages above 50mg a day or to take for longer than 6 weeks.

Winstrol Results

Winstrol is one of the best Steroids when it comes to cutting, people often find their strength increases quite a bit, they gain a decent amount of lean muscle mass, their muscles are harder and overall they look better.

Winstrol Side Effects

Winstrol has potential side effects on cholesterol issues such as an increase the LDL (Bad cholesterol) content and decreases HDL (Good cholesterol).

Some of the major side effects of winstrol include:

  • Infertility
  • Liver Damage
  • Stunted Growth
  • Gynecomastia
  • Mood swings
  • Severe illnesses
  • Hair side effects
  • Acne

Many users see little to no side effects with Winstrol, however there are more sensitive users who will see side effects when using this Steroid. Side effects are also often dosage related. Doing higher dosages increases the risk of side effects.



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