Kai Greene finished his professional bodybuilding career a few years ago. However, it looks like the bodybuilding world is missing this bright and creative character.

This year sports experts and fans of Kai Greene are especially active. The sportsman has appeared in news at least once a week lately, what is too often for a person who decided to have some rest from the sport.

Right after 2018 Olympia, Kai showed a great interest in the current situation in the sport. He was very active commenting on a new Mr. Olympia and a painful loss of the former eight-time champion Phil Heath.

Kai is known for his great sense of humor and some of his comments and jokes were interpreted as his possible desire to come back on the Olympia stage. Kai’s fans got those messages as a call to action, starting to attack Greene with posts and messages, asking him to return.

Soon even sports experts joined them, speaking that they really want to see Kai back on the stage. Just a few weeks ago, Dennis James made a video asking all fans of Greene to join a kind of flash-mob to make the sportsman return.

This time the topic has risen again: Dorian Yates told that he was sure Kai Greene could be next year Mr. Olympia if he came back.

Kai Greene keeps demonstrating great physique and great interest in the sport’s events even after leaving bodybuilding. Looking at him and seeing how hard he trains, it’s difficult to believe that the sportsman decided to leave the sport forever. Will we see Kai on the stage during 2019 Olympia? Everybody is waiting for a clear answer, however, Greene likes to keep his fans intrigued.


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