Thursday, June 30, 2022

Dorian Yates Thinks That Bodybuilding Could Be Better Without Steroids

Dorian Yates is one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world. He won his Mr. Olympia title in the time when bodybuilding faced a lot of changes. It was a period when usage of steroids was a very common thing and was taken as a necessary part of the professional sport. A lot of Yates’s colleagues and competitors used steroids with great enthusiasm.

Being one of the cult characters in the sport and one of the top Olympia competitors, Yates used to take steroids that burn belly fat. He was not trying to hide the fact and he doesn’t try to deny the fact now, years after his brilliant debut on the professional stage.

The sport’s society may think that Yates would advise using steroids to younger sportsmen nowadays. However, the recent interview of the bodybuilding star and the former Mr. Olympia showed that Yates is not a great fan of steroids.

Yates was very opened and honest telling how steroids can affect one’s body. He also named those reasons that made him take steroids when taking part in the professional competitions before. Dorian thinks that steroids were a helping tool in building more massive muscles and gaining weight significantly faster. Moreover, the former Olympia participant told that steroids give him the energy and power that pushed him to work harder and to restore faster after his workouts.

Does Dorian Yates think that his victory would not be possible without steroids? It may sound quite controversial, but Yates thinks that steroids can never play such a great role in a person’s sports career. What really matters is a great mindset.

Dorian says he could become what he is now without steroids. The way he thinks and his attitude towards the sport are those key elements of the success that Yates always lists.

Moreover, Dorian thinks that ban of steroids can lead to some positive changes in bodybuilding. That would make the sportsmen more equal and would reduce the level of importance people give to steroids when discussing bodybuilding champions and top sportsmen.

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  1. As a guy hoping to make a living from bodybuilding growing up in the same time I knew it would never happen due to the fact I would never take steroids and so could never compete against the so called ‘best’. Anyone who made a name for themself back then and took steroids you cheated you won and you can rest on your fame. Congrats but you would have been nothing without the roids don’t kid yourselves.


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