Dorian Yates Presented His Personal Training Journals Online

Dorian Yates is an outstanding sportsman whose name will stay in the history of the sport forever. Dorian had a truly incredible experience of conquering the bodybuilding world, starting as an absolute newbie and leaving the competition as an unbeatable legend. That’s why he serves as an inspiration and a role model for generations of bodybuilders even years after his career is officially over.

It’s not a secret that the sportsman developed his own training approach and special winning philosophy, working on his body and mind day after a day. However, only a few people know about Dorian’s journals, where he used to write everything that had any relation to his training, dieting and supplements to get ripped and build muscle

Each of such journals reveals how much work and careful thinking stand behind great victories and incredible success of Dorian. There’s no chance behind Dorian’s achievements but a lot of determination, strong character, and great mind; and the journals are great proofs for that.

While Dorian Yates has always been willing to share his knowledge and experience with other bodybuilders, he has never shown his journals before. Now the legendary sportsman decided to share more information with his followers and published his personal training journals on ebook and similar services. Pages of the journals are scanned, so it’s possible to read the hand-written lines and understand which period of Dorian’s career they belong to.

Such journals are useful not only as a source of information for other competing bodybuilders, but they are also a part of the sport’s history and an important artifact with high value.

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