(Credit : Iphonesnews.com)

The latest rumor about iPhone 7 has made fans in awe and the announcement has received mixed reviews in this regard. Moreover, there are also some mixed receptions from technology experts regards to the release of iPhone 7 Mini.

Some of the experts are of the opinion that the dream of iPhone 7 mini being the latest technology-packed device will not be a successful venture. It is believed that the smaller iPhone 7 can be a disaster when it comes to design and that is why iPhone should pursue their track of producing larger mobiles rather than smaller ones.

Moreover, the news of 3 phones i.e. iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and iPhone Mini is also making waves and all of the three are expected to get released next year summer. The idea of releasing 3 phones is also a point of discussion between different experts. In addition, iPhone 7C, iPhone 6CS and the iPhone 7 Mini that are to be released next year would offer similar functionality, including a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and also a pressure-sensitive Force Touch screen will be part of the next iPhones.

However, the experts are of the opinion that there will be some issues with lesser battery capacity and a smaller phone would also likely to have a lower screen resolution.

Although, there are so many confusions regarding this new venture, still the final release will decide everything.



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