The DJI’s Mavic Pro is a tiny but a very powerful drone which can turn the sky into a creative canvas quite easily, without any worry. The device will make any moment an aerial moment. The Mavic Pro is a drone for aerial photography which can be folded up. However, the best feature about this drone is its tiny size which is enough to fit in a pocket and weighs considerably less.


There are some fascinating features of this device. It has an excellent battery life and a five-camera vision technology. Some other exciting features of the device are its 4K 12MP camera, GPS. It is capable enough to compete with some of the best consumer drones in the market.

The DJI’s Mavic Pro can also avoid obstacles by spotting them, by using its five-camera system. The device is entirely capable of every kind of flight tricks which include various types of following modes. The drone can adjust its speed according to the needs.


There is one new impressive feature of the drone which is gesture control. This feature allows the drone to engage in different modes by just waving at it. So, one can run it in follow mode or take a picture by just waving at it. The device also has a very small controller which can be folded up, when not in need.



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