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Rajiv S Ruia the director of “Direct Ishq” make his movie with full of romance, action, and comedy with touchy songs. It is shot in Banaras where the hero comes in and falls in love with a dessi girl. Direct Ishq which is already not much-awaited film and critics of this movie shows that Rajiv S Ruia (Director) does not succeed to leave the great impact of this film.

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With lots of expectations, this movies has not left it impact on viewers like its name it leaves not direct impression. Rajiv S Ruia presents his film with a routine plan and makes it unexciting for their viewers. But with the balancing performance of casting make better it and it make revenue from its budget. Even is in the completion in Bollywood it making not big profits. Even it has many weak points and has nothing in it and even not a big name in the casting of this movie which may inspire the people. Even have all romance, comedy, and with decent actors this film fails to grasp the attention of people on the various ground and even music is also just as unmemorable.

If we talk about cast or other staff they have done their job perfect and make it proper or good. This director (Rajiv S Ruja) presents this movie in love saga with some fun and romance. All casts do justice with their role but some unrealistic scene makes it offensive for them. This film Producer (Pradeep Sharma) gets not much profit by making this and music is also not so good and leaves not memorable impact on viewers.

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The script and song placement almost destroy the mainstream of movie and fail to connect with viewers in a better way. There are some uninteresting scenes which include the copy of some character like “Dabangg style” and other. Even you will see that some ironic factors make it funny. Actually, this movie is about the struggle to gain the love of heroine and two boys trying to catch the attention of her. But some foolish and funny scenes make it more ironic for their viewers with it strange lyrics and songs it seems really humorous.


If we talk about the story of “Direct Ishq” it is a story of a rock star that comes in Banaras which is his hometown and falls in love with a girl who also wants to become a singer. Rockstar (Arjun Bijlani) give her support in launching her musical band with her. But another boy Vicky (Rajneesh Duggal) also loves her and now she has confusion between them in which she choose her career and love. It actually loves triangle type movie.


You can see the trailer of “Direct Ishq” Here is clips of trailer of this movie:

Star Cast:

Rajniesh Duggall
Nidhi Subbaiah
Arjun Bijlani
Rajesh Shringapure
Padam Singh
Hemant Pandey
Arun Behl
Rajkumar Kanojia
Krishna Chaubey

Release Date:

This movie “Direct Ishq” already has released on March 20, 2015, in India.


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