Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
(Image: Forbes)

The installment of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 game series is set to be published in the United Stated of America in 25th October, after which other regions will gain access to the game.

It is also said that Bandai Namco, the game publisher together with Dimps has updated the initial characters and feature the game. Initially, Goku Black, Son Goku’s doppelgänger that was designated exclusively as a pre-order irked some of the fans. The updated version of this game will no longer represent the character in the same manner, as it will be readily available for purchase.

Super Salon Rose, the introduced form of Goku Black will not be featured in the game during the release since the fans are aware that the antagonist character first appeared in episode 56 of Dragon Ball Super that was released in August.

Nonetheless, gamers need not worry because there is the supposition that Goku Black will be featured in Dimps upcoming and future downloadable fighting games.

It is also said that the new game will feature team efforts in the expert missions as they battle Dragon falls redoubled foes. This version will feature great opponents such as the legendary Bardock: Son Goku’s father and Saiyan Broly. Players will be teaming up in fives to battle against their foes as it is per the teaser clips.


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